We Service

ServiceQDI, LLC can provide nationwide and international service on virtually any manufacturer and model within nuclear medicine. This includes ADAC, CDI, Digirad, Elscint, GE, Philips, Siemens, Spectrum Dynamics, and Toshiba. We can provide time and materials service calls, shared-services contracts, PM (preventative maintenance) contracts, as well as full service contracts on planar gamma cameras, mobile gamma cameras, single head gamma cameras, dual-head variable-angle cameras, SPECT, SPECT-CT, PET, and PET-CT systems. We also provide system moves/relocations, detector recoupling, crystal replacements, detector replacements, and detector reburns.

As no two situations are ever alike, we offer customized solutions for every institution, empowering diagnostic imaging providers. We can create a solution that meets your needs exactly.

Technical Service and Applications Support
If you’re simply seeking out technical service support or applications support, we have the expertise necessary to answer any of your questions. Furthermore, our industry network is so large, that if we should not have your answer, we will know someone who will be able to answer your questions.

Our primary mission is to empower diagnostic imaging providers to improve patient results through responsive, expert services; high-quality imaging equipment; unparalleled parts support; and forthright business consultation. Even if we earn no money during a particular customer interaction, we understand the odds are good that you will come back to us again as you understand that we really do have your best interests in mind.

Service Solutions As Unique As You
QDI provides a seamless service solution for all of your equipment servicing needs. Our customized service solutions will enable you to:

  1. Generate revenue at a lower cost
  2. Increase equipment up-time
  3. Utilize a proven service model and leverage industry-leading expertise
  4. Operate in all regions and across business models
service-full-50Our full service contracts provide you with the highest levels of protection from unexpected repair costs. This contract level also affords you premium response times and 24/7 technical support.
service-pm-40QDI’s PM service contracts provide you with basic preventative maintenance calls on your systems. For repair calls, you receive a guaranteed hourly rate, which cannot change during the term of your contract. We also offer you our partner-level parts pricing, which is typically 10 – 75% lower than OEM part pricing.
Call us today at +1 800.704.7498 or email us at with your equipment requirements and we will create a cost effective solution, without sacrificing quality.