Siemens Symbia S and T (TruePoint) Series

The Siemens Symbia nuclear detector heads easily rotate into numerous positions including caudal/cephalic tilt offering comprehensive imaging positions for general purpose, cardiology, oncology, and neurology studies. The Siemens Symbia S can be upgraded to any TruePoint SPECT•CT model. You can also upgrade from one model of Symbia SPECT•CT to any of the higher performance models with more CT slices. The Siemens Symbia™ T Series SPECT/CT is an advanced and highly integrated diagnostic SPECT/CT solution. Offered with 2-, 6- or 16-slice diagnostic CT, Symbia T Series SPECT/CT expands the role of nuclear medicine into routine surgical planning, orthopedics, advanced cardiology and much more. With innovative technologies such as IQ•SPECT, the Symbia T Series SPECT/CT offers minimum dose and maximum speed while providing the highest possible image quality. The Siemens Symbia S requires a minimum 11′-10″ x 15′-7″ room size, while the Symbia T Series requires a minimum 12′-3″ x 20′-8″ room size, but more space is recommended for both.

Maximum Patient Weight: 500 Pounds

Available Options:

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