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Nuclear Medicine Consultants

Are the decisions within your nuclear imaging department becoming increasingly challenging? Nuclear medicine consultants can help guide you, or simply be utilized as sounding boards.

Since the early beginnings of nuclear medicine, the turn of phrase “unclear medicine” became synonymous with the modality due to the low resolution and fuzzy quality of the final, diagnostic images. Virtually always the “step-child” of the imaging modalities, the equipment engineering and processing advancements have made a tremendous positive impact on the image quality and diagnostic certainty within molecular imaging.

Still, the impacts of that early moniker on the education of radiology staff and their continued misperceptions of the modality have left a seemingly irreparable mark on nuclear medicine within the hospital environment. Imaging directors and radiology managers continue to grapple with the ROI for nuclear imaging investments. The unclarity of the modality has thus transcended the simplistic images it produced and now extends to the decisions taken in radiology departments around the country.

One of the concerns I hear from imaging directors and radiology managers alike, is “when is the technological advancement of a Nuc Med device sufficient to justify new investment in terms of revenue, diagnostic quality, and improved patient care.” The answer to the question is, “it depends.”

The reality of the situation is that every facility has a different set of dynamics in terms of demands on the modality, the existing Nuc Med equipment, and the budgetary limitations that persist within healthcare as a whole. In fact, what directors and managers require to make the optimal equipment investment and maintenance decisions is an advocate intimately knowledgeable with this particular modality. The ideal advocate will take an honest assessment of the current departmental or system-wide technology (remaining lifetime, continued cost of ownership, diagnostic quality) and then identify areas for improvement.

These improvements to your nuclear medicine department could be as simple as converting a particular system’s maintenance to a full service contract to mitigate the exposure of high-cost repairs or updating the workstation for more advanced processing capabilities and better image quality. At the same time, the advocate can better define for you what technology is out there from any of the equipment manufacturers, and if or how it would benefit your department to make the investment.

The obvious benefit of the advocate is you rely on their knowledge of the industry technologies and leverage it to take a decision that best suits your specific situation.

Call us today at +1 800.704.7498 or email us at with your equipment requirements and we will create a cost effective solution, without sacrificing quality.