GE Starcam 400ACT, 400 XCT & 600 XRT

With the latest in electronic upgrades, the GE Starcam workhorse nuclear medicine systems have been given a new lease on life. These functionally elegant systems have remained in use at major medical centers around the world because of their simple design and incredible ease of use. Once upgraded, a GE Starcam system can produce images which are diagnostically equivalent to virtually any new gamma camera system on the market today. Most who read this will remain skeptical, but the truth is in the final images. Let’s be honest, at such a low price point, you can’t afford to ignore the possibility that we’re right. The GE Starcam 400ACT, 400XCT and 600XRT systems require a 10′ x 16′-9” minimum room size, but again more space recommended.

Maximum Patient Weight: 300 Pounds

Available Options:

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