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Gamma Camera Service & UPS

nuclear gamma camera service ups

nuclear gamma camera service ups

I find gamma camera service customers all the time trying to save money for their on-going cost of maintenance. QDI can certainly reduce service costs for nuclear gamma camera equipment, but the best bang for your buck remains to purchase a quality uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This single, relatively small investment can ultimately save thousands of dollars every year both in terms of physical part damages as well as scanning downtime. A quality UPS protects your diagnostic imaging equipment against power loss, spikes, sags, surges, and saps.

A UPS system should provide at least enough runtime to permit the technologist to perform a proper, manufacturer-recommended shutdown procedure during a power loss event. Depending on the amount of money you wish to invest, additional battery units can usually be purchased that will allow the technologist to finish an in-process patient scan and then perform a proper system shutdown.

It’s highly recommended that you consult your gamma camera service engineer to identify the appropriate UPS for your system. You need to make sure that the UPS in which you’re investing matches the power requirements for your system as well as the response time (how quickly it activates the batteries during a power loss) and total runtime during a power loss. QDI can assist you with the selection process, order the appropriate UPS, install it, and provide final testing with your system.

Testing is critical with a UPS. After it’s installed, if the power is turned off to the power outlet, the UPS should keep your nuclear camera running. This is also a test that should be performed by your gamma camera service engineer during a preventative maintenance call. The batteries in a UPS do need to be replaced on a regular basis and if it’s not being tested during preventative maintenance, you may find out the hard way that you’re past due on your replacement.

Order a UPS through QDI today and we can extend you a deeply discounted preventative maintenance gamma camera service visit. Call 800-704-7498 and mention offer code UPSPM13 to receive your exclusive PM rate.

Call us today at +1 800.704.7498 or email us at with your equipment requirements and we will create a cost effective solution, without sacrificing quality.