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part-searchWe live nuclear medicine and we know the parts needed for virtually every system in the field. Unfortunately, a search for nuclear medicine parts on the Internet usually returns few relevant sites. Out of necessity we built our own index of online nuclear medicine parts right here at

Please keep in mind, we haven’t had an opportunity to enter EVERY part online yet, but we’re working on it, little by little. If a search of our parts index doesn’t return with what you’re seeking, please call us directly at 800-704-7498.

Help QDI deliver improved nuclear medicine parts searches!

We want to build the QDI nuclear medicine parts index into a useful tool for every engineer in the field. Even if you don’t buy the part from QDI; if our index provides you with additional information that helps you locate your part, then we’ve done our job.

Call us today at +1 800.704.7498 or email us at with your equipment requirements and we will create a cost effective solution, without sacrificing quality.