QDI, LLC can provide parts support for virtually any manufacturer and model within nuclear medicine. This includes ADAC, CDI, Digirad, Elscint, GE, Philips, Siemens, Spectrum Dynamics, and Toshiba. We can provide out-right purchases, as well as exchange-part purchases. Our direct inventory and network of suppliers is unsurpassed within nuclear medicine, so if there’s a part you need, just send us the details and we’ll provide you with the most competitive pricing in the market. Often times, the savings can range from 10-75% off of pricing you’ll find elsewhere. The warranty period will depend on the specific part request and availability, but warranties can range from 30 to 180 days.

When requesting a part, please provide the camera manufacturer, camera model, part, part manufacturer, part number, OEM part number (if available), the location on the camera from where the part comes, and pictures are always useful to ensure the appropriate part supply.

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Replacement Parts
As a refurbisher of nuclear medicine equipment, QDI maintains a large parts inventory as well as exclusive partnerships with other third party organizations. We provide parts at incredible savings because we’re operating in the most efficient manner possible, while providing the highest quality solutions. We understand the critical need for parts that work the first time and are committed to providing our clients with nothing less.

Overnight Availability
QDI offers overnight part delivery, subject to shipping company limitations. In some cases, hand delivery and currier services may also be available.

Hero Kits
QDI offers hero kits, which effectively guarantee a successful repair. We work with you to identify all of the possible problem parts and ship them all, just in case. You are charged only for the parts you utilize, with no restocking fees. There is a hero kit surcharge, but it may well be worth it if it means the equipment is fixed faster.

Subsystems & Subassemblies
QDI offers whole subsystem & subassembly replacement parts (units), including detectors, image processors, and even whole systems. Depending on your time restrictions and the difficulties of intermittent errors, it may be optimal to replace an entire portion of your camera system. Instead of spending days troubleshooting a problem, only to return a few days later for the same issue, it may be far more efficient and cost effective to purchase an entire subsystem.

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