Nuclear Medicine Consultants

Are the decisions within your nuclear imaging department becoming increasingly challenging? Nuclear medicine consultants can help guide you, or simply be utilized as sounding boards. Since the early beginnings of nuclear medicine, the turn of phrase “unclear medicine” became synonymous with the modality due to the low resolution and fuzzy quality of the final, diagnostic images. Virtually [Read More]

Gamma Camera Service & UPS

I find gamma camera service customers all the time trying to save money for their on-going cost of maintenance. QDI can certainly reduce service costs for nuclear gamma camera equipment, but the best bang for your buck remains to purchase a quality uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This single, relatively small investment can ultimately save thousands of [Read More]


Subscribe now to the QDI Nuclear Gamma Camera Blog for: 1. updates on newly available nuclear gamma camera equipment; 2. technical tips for biomedical engineers and molecular imaging (nuclear medicine) technologists; 3. special promotional offers mentioned only in this blog. I promise you won’t drown in junk posts in this Nuclear Gamma Camera Blog – my [Read More]

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