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quality-diagnostic-imagesQDI, LLC can supply you with virtually any manufacturer, model, and option within nuclear medicine. This includes ADAC, CDI, Cedars QGS/QPS/QGS, Corridor 4DM SPECT, Digirad, Elscint, Emory Toolbox, GE, Philips, Siemens, Spectrum Dynamics, Toshiba, UltraSPECT. We can provide standard Anger-circuit systems, solid-state detectors, planar gamma cameras, mobile gamma cameras, single head gamma cameras, dual-head variable-angle cameras, SPECT, SPECT-CT, PET, and PET-CT systems. We also provide system upgrades, software upgrades, half-time imaging upgrades, half-dose imaging upgrades, half-time/half-dose imaging upgrades, quarter-time imaging upgrades, crystal replacements, detector replacements, and detector reburns.

As no two situations are ever alike, we offer customized solutions for every institution type, empowering diagnostic imaging providers. We can provide you with anything from new, remanufactured, refurbished, and even simple brokered second-hand equipment. Depending on your preferences and budgetary requirements, QDI, LLC can provide nuclear medicine equipment relocation, trade-in reimbursements, deinstallation, short-term storage, long-term storage, installation, full equipment warranty, parts-only warranty, or no warranty at all. Whether you’re based in the US or your facility is overseas, we can create a solution that meets your needs exactly.

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Refurbished Nuclear Medicine Equipment
QDI refurbished nuclear medicine equipment strictly adheres to good refurbishment practices and quality requirements, ensuring our systems are both as safe and effective as when the equipment was new. In providing the highest quality systems, QDI enables healthcare providers to raise their expectations for equipment quality, while minimizing budgetary impact. This, in turn, provides patients around the world with easier access to effective diagnostic procedures.


QDI will only refurbish equipment that still meets all current diagnostic and performance standards. Every system is thoroughly vetted based on condition, service history, as well as current image quality.


Highly trained personnel inspect and test every mechanical and electronic component within each system. Any part which does not meet OEM specifications is replaced. The entire system is staged and fully recalibrated to ensure the function and image quality meets or exceeds both OEM and accreditation standards. Each system is then cosmetically cleaned, repainted, and carefully packed for shipment.

Installation & Warranty

Our systems are installed to OEM specifications by fully trained personnel. The systems are finalized to meet accreditation standards. On-site applications training is provided and every system receives a full, one-year warranty including applications phone support.

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